Lexi Haskins

The Denver MBA 2025

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose the Daniels College of Business for the quality of the curriculum and the experiences it provides. The challenge-based curriculum is unique in that it allows me to explore diverse business perspectives in the real world that I would not otherwise be able to do. Daniels fosters a strong sense of community in the classrooms with your incredible cohort, its wonderful faculty and staff, and large alumni network. The DMBA program allows me to tailor my concentration to topics that are important to me, like sustainability and ESG.

Previous Education

BS in Environmental Science and Sustainability from Colorado State University

Pre-grad school experience

After graduating from CSU, I worked for the USDA, developing a knowledge base for bioenergy crops. I then received a Fulbright Fellowship to Finland to research nature-based solutions for human health through the development of sustainable products and market insight. After returning from Finland, I shifted my attention to climate change and policy, focusing on international ocean protection with the nonprofit Global Choices.

Post-grad school goal

After graduating with my MBA, I will be combining my knowledge of policy, environmental science and sustainability with my business acumen. I want to pivot into corporate sustainability to help businesses incorporate sustainable business strategies through ESG initiatives.


Outside of the classroom, I enjoy the Colorado sunshine and mountains by skiing for 7 months of the year. I love to learn about different cultures through travel and cooking.