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Kyam Kiwanuka

The Denver MBA

Hometown: Kampala, Uganda

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Why did you choose Daniels?

Daniels’ challenge-based-learning curriculum offers students a chance to build hard and soft skills in real-life situations. The professors are highly invested in both the student’s personal and career success. A combination of these variables were key drivers in my decision to join the Daniels College of Business.

Previous Education

BS in Economics and Finance, University of Connecticut.

Pre-grad school experience

Prior experience in real estate finance as both an underwriter and business development lead in both the U.S. (Washington, D.C.) and Uganda.

Post-grad school goal

With my education from Daniels, I plan on transitioning back into the financial sector in a managerial role to leverage the skills and experiences gained from the school.


When not engaged in schoolwork, I enjoy playing soccer, hiking and attending live music events.