Katrina Hu

Master of Accountancy ’17

Hometown: Xuancheng, Anhui, China

Job Title/Company: Internal Controls and Compliance Analyst at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Hobbies: Hiking, traveling and petting my cat

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What are some of your favorite things to do in or around Denver?

My favorite thing about living in Denver is the sense of adventure you get from being outdoors and near the mountains. I also like to go fishing and hike a 14er (a mountain peak that exceeds 14,000 feet).

What were you looking for in a business school?

My goal was to get a challenging, high-paying job after graduation and to get to know more peers/professionals.

Tell us about the Daniels classroom experience.

The hardest projects in class are the most memorable. The small class sizes really enable you to take academic theories and apply them to real-world problems. The professors are also very knowledgeable and supportive of their students.

If you could tell your past-self one thing before you started grad school, what would it be?

Make a point to go to the meetings organized by Beta Alpha Psi every Thursday morning, and earning perfect grades is not as important as making contacts with peers, professors and executives who will be helpful down the road.