Katherine Duca

Denver MBA (full-time) ’19

Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Pre-Daniels Experience: I have seven years of new business and account management experience through cause marketing roles at national nonprofits such as the American Red Cross and the No Kid Hungry Campaign.

Hobbies: Yoga, trying new restaurants, hiking and seeing live music

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What advice do you have for prospective students?

My advice for prospective students is to tap into your experience in business to help provide a variety of examples of how things can be applied in the real world for your classmates. There is value in supplementing what the professors are teaching in the classroom with your experience. I would also recommend spending time getting to know as many people at Daniels as possible. It can be hard to prioritize networking outside of your comfort zone with a full schedule, but it is worthwhile!

What is your favorite thing about living in Denver?

My favorite things about living in Denver is the beautiful weather and the access to the mountains. Within a 15-20 minute drive, I can be in the foothills, escaping the city for a few hours.

Why did you want to pursue a graduate business degree?

I had been working in nonprofit marketing for several years, and I wanted to make the switch to the for-profit side. An MBA has helped to add to my skill sets, essentially making me more well-rounded.

Why did you choose Daniels for your graduate degree?

I wanted to move back closer to the Midwest from the East Coast, and I fell in love with Denver and how close it was to the mountains. The strong faculty-to-student ratio and the restructuring of the MBA program to include the four core challenges and leadership programming also intrigued me.

How did you get to know your classmates?

The smaller cohorts at Daniels help to foster quick friendships among classmates. For most of our first year in the Denver MBA program, we took all of our core classes together as a cohort. It was especially helpful for people like me who were new to Denver, not knowing many people in the city.

How has Daniels prepared you to be market-ready?

Daniels has prepared me by providing real-world experience through challenges and other projects working with real companies in Denver, as well as working through team dynamics on most projects. I have added to my marketing experience in my previous roles with additional marketing tactics and strategies, along with a quantitative foundation from finance and accounting courses to bring back to a business setting.