Joy Barber

Master’s in Management ’19

Hometown: Centennial, CO

Hobbies: Writing, traveling and reading.

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What are your career goals or dream job?

One of my career goals is to become an executive producer and a Chief Creative Officer at a film/television studio.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

The advice that I have for prospective students is to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that Daniels offers.

What is your favorite thing about living in Denver?

My favorite thing about Denver is living so close to my family and the mountainsSome of my favorite things to do around Denver are attend professional sporting games, discover new bike paths around parks, try unique restaurants and attend performances.

Why did you want to pursue a graduate business degree?

I wanted to pursue a graduate business degree in order to expand my business knowledge and become a more well-rounded businesswoman.

Why did you choose Daniels for your graduate degree?

I was attracted to pursue the Master of Science in Management at the University of Denver because it’s the only Management program in the country to emphasize the importance of leadership knowledge. I strongly believe that leadership is a key component of being successful within the business world, and pursuing a Master of Science in Management at Daniels will allow me to hone and grow my leadership and critical analysis skills.

What has surprised you the most about business school?

was surprised by how collaborative business school is. I have encountered some amazing people within Daniels who are willing to help me achieve my goals and encourage me to be successful.

Tell us about the Daniels classroom experience.

At Daniels, every class setting is different, but a typical class setting in the Management program is very discussion-led and interactive. I’m excited to go to class every day and learn from my peers and professors.

Are you involved in any clubs or student groups? 

I’m involved in the Daniels Graduate Student Ambassador program and the Black Graduate Student Association.