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Jessica López

Part-Time Professional MBA

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

Email me with questions about the Part-time Professional MBA.

Why did you choose Daniels?

After such an amazing undergrad experience I could not have imagined a better place to pursue my MBA. I love the idea of growing alongside a cohort and I like how naturally everyone becomes not only your colleagues but your friends. I also like Daniels commitment to integrating environmental and ethics concepts into its curriculum. It is also one of the only programs in the country that includes a retreat at the beginning of the program, and a global trip at the end of the program. 

Previous Education

B.A In Psychology, and Minors in Business Administration and Communication 

Pre-grad school experience

Before coming to Daniels, I was a professional athlete. I competed in three Olympic Games, 2008 Beijing, 2012 London, and 2016 Rio de Janeiro. I was also a volunteer assistant coach for the University of Denver Gymnastics team, where I mentored and coached 15 student-athletes to a NCAA Regional win, and to NCAA National Finals. Currently, I am an entrepreneur overseeing multiple business line budgets and cash flows for services rendered and products sold and executing marketing campaigns and promotions while pursuing two master’s degrees. 

Post-grad school goal

Daniels College of Business is helping me define my career path and I find myself being molded within this program. Ultimately, my goal is to work in a company that emphasizes corporate business responsibility in the areas of sports administration and compliance, consulting, or the study of human behavior with emphasis on market-driven results and innovation. In the meantime, I am trusting the process and allowing my entrepreneurial mindset to be open to new opportunities.


I enjoy spending quality time with my husband outdoors. I love hiking, snowboarding, camping, playing with our dog Forest and traveling. I also enjoy watching professional sports events and cheering on our student-athletes.