Fredrik Martinussen

Denver MBA

Hometown: Tønsberg, Norway

Previous Education

BS in Computer Science, Oxford Brookes UniversityMS in Data Science and Analytics, University of Leeds

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because of their unique challengebased structure, which allows me to use the theoretical knowledge in practice. Another contributing factor is the opportunity to choose my specialization, as I already had a career goal in mind.

Pre-grad school experience

I began my career in the Royal Norwegian Air Force in 2011, where I was given an opportunity for an accelerated officer program. As an officer I worked with crypto and electronic warfare before I decided to pursue something new. After acquiring my academic education, I worked as a data scientist at an EHS company, using AI/ML to help foster safe work environments.

Post-grad school goal

I wish to work with financial technology in a C-suite role.


I enjoy spending time outdoors. You can find me hiking or skiing in the mountains or trying out new recreational sports activities with friends.