Jack Savage

Professional MBA (Part-time) ’21

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Previous Education

BS in Geosystems Engineering and Hydrogeology, University of Texas, Austin

Why did you choose Daniels?

Something that was important to me when making my decision was class size. I knew that I would get a much more impactful experience because at the University of Denver the class sizes are manageable. It turned out to be true. The professors are inspiring on a personal level. I have also found that I have made some great friends in a short amount of time because of the class size and community engagement. For me, it is really all about the experience and the journey, and not just the academic knowledge.

Pre-grad school experience

I am a full-time petroleum engineer for the Bureau of Land Management.

Post-grad school goal

I would like to leverage my leadership knowledge gained into earning a supervisory position in the government. Entrepreneurship is also something I am interested in. I would eventually like to start a business of my own.


I like to read, travel, camp, hike, backpack, ski, do CrossFit, climb and play guitar.