Gabriel Martinez

Master’s in Applied Quantitative Finance ’18

Hometown: Leadville, CO

Pre-Daniels Experience: I received my undergraduate degree in geophysics and engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. From there, I went to work at an energy consulting firm based in Houston, Texas.

Post-Daniels Experience: I returned to the energy industry on the finance side.

Hobbies: Mountain biking, trail running and volunteering

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What advice do you have for prospective students?

Ask questions. Everyone involved with Daniels is very receptive to helping throughout your time at Daniels and beyond.

What are some of your favorite things to do in or around Denver?

My favorite thing about living in Denver is the proximity to the mountains.

Is there a particular professor at Daniels that really stands out?

Dr. Ron Rizzuto was incredibly instrumental in my development inside and outside of the classroom.

What surprised you most about business school?

I was most surprised by the willingness of the faculty to help facilitate the career development of students.

How has Daniels prepared you to be market-ready?

Daniels took my unique background into consideration when helping to craft my graduate business school experience to give me the greatest utility moving forward. Throughout the program, the faculty were very eager to help me expand my network.