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Erik Mekelburg

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Your area of research interest: Software commercialization and sales strategy

Master’s degree?
Master of Business Administration, University of Warwick in the UK

Bachelor’s Degree?
Business Information Systems, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Ravensburg, Germany

What are some of your hobbies?
Aside from my eagerness to study and learn, spending time with my family and exploring the outdoors are some of my favorite things to do.

Where did/are you working prior to starting your PhD?
I’ve spent my whole career in the enterprise software industry, working across multiple functions, including software development, implementation consulting and sales. Currently I’m a vice president of sales at enterprise software giant SAP.

What is your favorite thing around Denver?
Mountains and lots of sun.

Why have you decided to pursue a PhD?
Earning a PhD has been an ambition of mine for some time. I’m looking to satisfy my intellectual curiosity, and I’m eager to contribute to the important cause of furthering our collective empirical knowledge of how businesses change the world.

Why did you choose to get your PhD from the Daniels College of Business?
Daniels provides a unique program format that checks all the boxes I’m looking for: A rigorous program at a leading research university that allows me to continue my full-time career, while also providing ample opportunity for face-to-face interaction and networking with faculty and co-students. 

What are your career goals or dream job after you complete your PhD?
I’m looking to leverage the knowledge I gain as part of the program to grow in my career at SAP. In the long term I aspire to teaching part time at a business school.

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