Eivind Kvaale

Master of Accountancy ’19

HometownTelemark, Norway

Pre-Daniels Experience: I graduated with an MBA and a Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Finance from the Daniels College of Business in the spring of 2018I also had a summer internship at a local energy company in my hometown called Vest-TelemarkKraftlag.

Hobbies: As a member of the DU varsity ski team, I love skiing. When I’m not training for the ski season, I enjoy being outdoors hiking, biking, and occasionally huntingI also love music and enjoy playing different instruments.

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If you could tell your past-self one thing before you started grad school, what would it be?

Take it all in. Being a student is very fulfilling, and at Daniels, you’re always learning and creating new memories. While it may feel like every day is the same, you’ll look back and see how it made a real impact on your life.

What is your favorite thing about living in Denver?

The mountains. I love the fact that the mountains are so close. When it’s fall and winter, the weather is usually nice and warm down in the city, and there’s great skiing in the mountainsIt’s also hard to beat Denver’s 300+ days of sunshine. When you combine the weather with the fantastic nature that surrounds Denver, it’s a great combination.

Why did you want to pursue a graduate business degree?

I pursued a graduate business degree because I wanted to broaden my business knowledge. My interest in the quantitative side of finance and accounting paired well with the hands-on coursework at Daniels. 

Tell us about the Daniels classroom experience.

Overall, I think the community at Daniels is special. The classes are fairly smallso you have more interactions and closer relationships with the professors. When you can see a real-world application of what you are learning, it’s easier to create an interest for it.

What has surprised you the most about business school?

The case-based, hands-on teaching at Daniels is what has surprised me the most. At my undergrad institution, classes took on a more theoretical approach. In grad school, I can apply what I’m learning in the classroom right away, which adds a lot of value to my education.

How has Daniels prepared you to be market-ready?

The real-world experience we gain from Daniels classes is applicable in the current market. I’ve acquired many skills that I can take advantage of straight out of graduate school. There’s also a focus on technology and how it relates to business, which will give me an edge when applying for jobs.