Daniel Trujillo

Assistant Professor of Teaching/Real Estate and the Built Environment | University of Denver

Dissertation Topic: Barriers to the adoption of automation and robotics in the construction industry.

Quick Facts

Hometown: Denver

Area of Research Interest: Automation and Robotics in Construction

Master’s Degree: Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver

Hobbies: playing platform tennis (paddle), ski and travel

Pre-Daniels Work Experience: I have taught Construction Management at the University level the last six years. I am currently a faculty member in the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. After graduating from DU and the Burns School I worked in Real Estate Development. I spent 3 years in Madrid, Spain working for the Wall Street Institute

Favorite things around Denver: I like to ride my bike around Washington Park and on the Platte and Cherry Creek River trails.

Why PhD?

I am currently very involved with a number of academic and professional associations such as the Associated Schools of Construction and the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction. As a member of the academic community it is important to share ideas and research. I presented at conferences on work I have done and believe I can more fully contribute and participate with the skill set acquired pursuing a PhD.

Why DU/Daniels?

The fields I work and teach in are often dominated by engineers. Getting a PhD from Daniels College of Business allows me to bring a different perspective than most of my peers and to contribute to the body of knowledge in a unique way.

Work/Life Balance

I think exercise and routines will be key. I have young children so I am going to try to consistently have breakfast and dinner with them for one. I have also enjoyed having standing tennis games with friends each week. I hope that in the cohort we can find some way to walk, bike or hike occasionally together. I would also like to take up Yoga.

Career goals/dream job

I love my job and just want to be better at it.