CJ Thomas

Peripheral Territory Manager, Philips

Dissertation Topic: Leadership identification and development

Quick Facts

Hometown: Henderson, KY

Area of Research Interest: Leadership

Master’s Degree: MBA, Western Kentucky University

Hobbies: Volleyball, Playing various musical instruments, biking, hiking, skiing and snowbarding

Pre-Daniels Work Experience: 4.5 years in the Army, 4.5 Years medical sales and management

Favorite things around Denver: Hike in the mountains, play volleyball in Wash Park, The Natural History Museum

Why PhD?

I wanted to refine my analytical skills and bring high level critical thinking to my company

Why DU/Daniels?

I chose Daniels because of the ability to work and persue a PhD. The location would allow me to interact more with professors. I also chose DU because of the expertise, professionalism, and interest generated after talking with the faculty

Work/Life Balance

It’s all about time management and actually taking personal time out of each day to decompress

Career goals/dream job

I would like to be an executive in a non-prof followed by teaching at a university