Cami Powell

Cami Powell

Bellingham, Washington

Area of research interest
What makes small businesses successful and how can we use that information to increase the small business success rate

Master’s degree
University of Phoenix, Business

Bachelor’s degree
University of Phoenix, Accounting


What are some of your hobbies?
Spending time with my kids, family, and friends. Traveling, boating, fishing and kayaking.

What is your current position?
CEO, The Self-Employed Journey

Why have you decided to pursue a PhD?
o expand my knowledge of why small business fail and succeed and begin a movement for changing the horrible statistics of failure.

Why did you choose to get your PhD from the Daniels College of Business?
Daniels was my top choice for pursuing my PhD. The school has an amazingly supportive team of professors and the program outline fit perfectly with my expected outcomes.

What are your career goals or dream job after you complete your PhD?
Continue to assist new and seasoned small business owners in educating, coaching, and mentoring them to surpass the business failure statistics. To see a positive change in the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported small business failures over time is my end goal and the lifelong legacy I am here to achieve.

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