Caldwell Huffman 

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Previous Education

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, minor in English, Rhodes College

Why did you choose Daniels?

I love working with people, but I also geek out over doing deep dives into data, so Daniels’ approach to business analytics as a balance of information management, statistical and analytical modeling and evidence-based decision making immediately stood out to me. It made me confident that I would not only gain the skills necessary for using analytics to drive change, but I would also get to take an active role in the conversations around the decision-makingI wouldn’t just be in the background crunching the numbers. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the sense of community and togetherness that has fostered among Daniels students and walking around campus it is easy to see that this extends to DU as a whole

Pre-grad school experience

As an undergraduate, I worked on a research team with one of my professors from the psychology department, where we researched identity dissonance and intersectionality and worked to publish our empirical study in an academic journal. After school, I accepted a job in recruiting at an international AgriTech startup. When the pandemic hit and recruiting slowed down, I saw an opportunity to get back to the data and research work that I came to love through my psychology degree. I transitioned into an analytics and operations role at the company and continued to fall in love with the world of analytics. These experiences not only opened the door to the world of business analytics for me, but also inspired me to pursue my MSBA at Daniels.  

Post-grad school goal

Post-grad school, I hope to use my skills and expertise to help improve business performance while also advancing measures of social and environmental responsibility in the process. Wherever I end up, I hope to be in a position where I can combine my love of working with people with my love for analytics. 


I love to spend my time traveling, trying new foods and wines (I plan to begin my pursuit of WSET“Wine & Spirit Education Trust,” certifications after school!), camping, reading and getting on/in the water whenever possible – I hold technical licenses in scuba diving and will never turn down the opportunity to be on a boat!