Brionna Simons

Master’s in Marketing ’18

Hometown: I don’t identify with one hometown; I’ve lived in Japan, Taiwan, and five cities in the U.S., including Colorado Springs and Las Vegas.

Post-Daniels Experience: Marketing Director, Project Manager at Celtis Ventures

Hobbies: Writing articles for the American Marketing Association or CP Travels, jogging outside and four-wheeling with my family

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What were you looking for in a business school?

I sought expertise from a top institution that would advance my career and my network.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Get involved.

Why did you choose Daniels for your graduate degree?

I chose Daniels because I had the opportunity to become an expert in a particular field, as well as opportunities outside the classroom like Leading at the Edge, Net Impact and case competitions. I also appreciated how friendly and caring faculty and staff were before applying to the master’s program. DU is also a nationally-ranked private institution.

What has surprised you the most about business school?

No one is an expert. All business professionals are just experimenting or reading from other self-titled experts. A successful business is a combination of beginner’s luck (read The Alchemist!), intuition and talent.

Is there a particular professor at Daniels who really stands out?

Michael Myers is a passionate marketing professor. He’s a game-changer in academia. I never thought I could earn four graduate credits for attending South by Southwest (SXSW) and writing about my experience.

How have you evolved as a leader during your time at Daniels?

I got involved with student organizations and case competitions to practice leadership skills and gain exposure to real world business problems. I have acquired patience and collaboration skills.

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