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Brian Lee

Professional MBA (Part-Time) ’21

Hometown: Mountain View, California

Previous Education

BS in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration, University of California, Riverside

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels for two main reasons. One, Daniels has an incredible network. In my first quarter alone, the Daniels network allowed me to connect with two contacts, an executive at a local Denver non-profit and a real estate investor in South Denver. Two, cohort-style learning. I learn best in community. Sure, there is a lot that can be learned individually, but the most important lessons I’ve learned both professionally and personally have most often happened in the context of meaningful community. The opportunity to learn and grow with a local cohort was a characteristic of Daniels that really stood out.

Pre-grad school experience

Since graduating from UC Riverside, I have been working exclusively in the nonprofit sector. Upon graduation I worked three years at a nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area as a director of student ministries. In 2013, I moved here to Denver to work at a nonprofit focused on solving some of humanity’s most challenging issues throughout East Asia. I’m currently the director of advocacy, which is a blend of marketing and recruitment.

Post-grad school goal

I have three post-graduate school goals. One, help my nonprofit innovate and navigate an industry faced with challenging international disruptions. Two, recruit a more diverse workforce and implement structures and processes to resource and support new teams, projects and skillsets. Three, provide meaningful leadership in framing complex problems, articulating strategic solutions and, perhaps most importantly, investing in and serving our stakeholders well.


I love traveling. My two recent international trips have taken me to Myanmar and Laos and my next trip will hopefully be Mongolia! I am a coffee addict. At home I enjoy perfecting my brews (espresso, pour over, cold brew) and while out and about, my first Google search is usually “best coffee.” My wife and I also LOVE eating; we like to frequent restaurants with menus that sport healthy, vegan and locally/responsibly sourced ingredients. Also, I love Pokemon Go—yes, that crazy mobile game from 2016. Not only is it nostalgic, but the social and community aspects of the game keeps me engaged.