Ashley Hill

Part-Time Professional MBA 2025

Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado

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Why did you choose Daniels?

I wanted to continue building my professional experience in consulting with the goal of having a leadership role at a firm or running my own firm someday. The PMBA program at Daniels is a great fit because I can engage with coursework in a small cohort, connect with faculty and staff, and get a high-quality graduate education in business administration. 

Previous Education

BS in environmental science (focus on marine ecology) and Master of Education in environmental education, both from Western Washington University

Pre-grad school experience

In the last 10 years, I have worked at a coral reef restoration nonprofit in Florida, attended graduate school in Bellingham, Washington, and worked as an environmental educator in residence at the North Cascades National Park. I was an environmental education consultant at a small, women-owned business in Seattle, project managing and teaching 2nd–8th-grade students about natural resource conservation throughout the Pacific Northwest. Now, I work at the University of Denver doing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) consulting with a team at Equity Labs.

Post-grad school goal

After completing the PMBA program, I intend to look for work in environmental consulting. I love doing environmental justice and environmental education work through a DEIJ lens and focusing on equity and justice in change-making.


I love to read, cook, and tend to my kitty and plants. I am a bit of a homebody, but love meeting new people and engaging in critical thinking conversations.