Allie Lazerwitz

Denver MBA (full-time) ’20

Hometown: Munster, IN

Pre-Daniels Experience: Two years as Chief Medical Scribe at Denver Health Medical Center.

Hobbies: Seeing live music in Denver, traveling and spending time outdoors as much as possible.

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What advice do you have for prospective students?

I would advise prospective students to really think about what they would like to get out of their MBA experience. I am the type of person that when I set my mind to do something, I have to do it well and immerse myself fully; otherwise, what’s the point? I knew that I wanted to find an MBA program that was smaller and cohesive, but also well-known and connected to the community. I wanted to be sure that I was going to get the most out of my degree, learn and absorb as much as possible, and make connections for my future. Now, I know that I made the perfect decision for my MBA experience that will carry me through to a successful career and life.

Why did you want to pursue a graduate business degree?

A master’s degree in business opens up so many doors for your future. An MBA helps to gain experience that other schools can’t teach in the classroom, such as how to communicate with others, network and work in a team environment under pressure. These skills are important for any future career, and can set you apart from your competitors when applying for a job.

Why did you choose Daniels for your graduate degree?

The University of Denver is an unparalleled choice for an MBA degree. Nestled in the heart of a booming city that I have grown to love, I chose Daniels because of the diversity of the opportunities it would bring me. Because of the smaller program, I knew that I would receive the help of faculty and staff to guide me in my future endeavors more so than many other schools. 

What has surprised you the most about business school?

The students in MBA cohort are outstanding. I loved getting to know each one of them, and I’ve made so many lifelong friends through my experiences here.

How did you get to know your classmates?

The Daniels College of Business sets up a retreat in the mountains for all incoming Denver MBA students, and this is where I got to know my classmates for the first time. Staying in cabins, learning about each other, and completing team-building activities for a weekend before classes started set the precedent so high. I had never been a part of a program where the staff at the school care so much about the cohesiveness of the cohort and would provide such a wonderful opportunity to get to know the other students who you will be working with closely for the next two years.

How have you evolved as a leader during your time at Daniels?

I’ve gained so much confidence since starting the Denver MBA program. I have always been introverted, but I have a strong drive to help others. Through my past work experiences, I was placed into management positions and excelled, but my time at Daniels has taught me so much more than I expected. I knew that I wanted to be involved and make as many connections as possible while I’m here. My classmates continually help to build me up so that I can accentuate my potential and showcase my strengths. I’m moving into the vice president position in the Women in Business program here at Daniels, and I was nominated as one of the cohort leads of the DMBA class of 2020. I know that I would not have been given these amazing learning opportunities elsewhere, and I have gained confidence in my leadership skills that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life.