On June 1, 2012 Daniels College of Business was selected to compete in the Denver Business Journal’s Social Madness challenge, sponsored by Capital One Spark Business. Social Madness is a unique competition, both local and national, that measures the growth of a company’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. There are 43 cities from where companies were nominated to compete in the madness. During the first phase, each company had two weeks to obtain votes and increase social media presence. Companies were separated based on size with the following categories: small (1-99 employees), medium (100-499 employees) and large (500+ employees), Daniels is in the “Large Companies” category. The top 8 companies from each category were selected to move on to the brackets portion of the competition. Daniels was one of these top 8 and made it to the brackets to currently compete against Centura Health.

One notable outcome from competing in the first phase of Social Madness was seeing the DU community come together. In an effort to move forward, Daniels called out for help to all Pioneers and saw a tremendous social media effort made by several individuals as well as from DU and the DU Athletics department which brought Daniels up from a number 9 ranking to a number 6 overnight. For these collaborated efforts, Daniels gives a huge thanks. There is no other comparable feeling then when having a community join hands together towards one unified goal. Regardless if Daniels wins Social Madness or not, we feel that the most defining moment during the Social Madness challenge would be when we worked as a team with our fellow members from the University of Denver. Daniels is proud to be a Pioneer and part of such as strong family. In the words of Bill Daniels, “Technology can do a lot of things for us. But not nearly as much as we can do for each other.”

As we continue in this bracket, we have until June 25 to obtain more votes than Centura Health to move on to the next bracket. Therefore, we reach out to call our Pioneer family to help us once again as we continue in this challenge. Even if you voted already, vote again, as with each phase scores are reset. Join the Daniels family and the Pioneer community as we work to win Social Madness together!

[Updated: This campaign has expired.]

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