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Office of Tech Transfer, with Ashley Thomas & Art Saltarelli
Office of Technology Transfer Podcast ImageIn this episode, host Joshua Ross sits down with Ashley Thomas and Art Saltarelli from the University of Denver's Office of Technology Transfer. They discuss the mission and work of this important office, which supports innovation and entrepreneurship across the university community. Ashley and Art provide insight into the technology transfer process - how it works, who has access to it, and the key benefits it offers for student, faculty, and staff innovators and entrepreneurs. They explain how the office helps protect intellectual property, commercialize new technologies and discoveries, and connect university innovators with industry partners and funding sources.

Gastamo Group & Birdcall, with Pete Newlin
Pete Newlin60% of restaurants fail in the first year fail and 80% fail within five years. What is the secret to Pete Newlin and his partner Jean-Philippe’s success?  On episode 16 of the Entrepreneurship@DU Podcast, we sit down with Pete Newlin, co-founder of Gastamo Group & Birdcall, to discuss the restaurant business, hospitality, Pete’s entrepreneurial journey from DU to successful restauranteur. Pete and his partner Jean-Philippe are the founders of several successful Denver based restaurants such as Birdcall, Park Burger, Homegrown Tap & Dough, Perdida, Lady Nomada & Park & CO. If this was not enough, they have started a music festival, Denver Deluxe.

Name, Image and Likeness, with Josh Berlo and Niko Blankenship
Josh Berlo and Niko BlankenshipIn this podcast episode, join Joshua Ross for an interview with Josh Berlo, vice chancellor for athletics and Ritchie Center operations at the University of Denver, and Niko Blankenship, director of athletics communication, as they delve into the profound impact and importance of name, image and likeness (NIL) in collegiate athletics. Learn how this rule change has impacted college sports by enabling student-athletes to earn money through their name, image and likeness.