Masters in Real Estate & the Built Environment

Hands-On Learning from a “Best in the West” Business School

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Become a Full-Range Built-Environment Executive

The Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment makes you that rare professional who understands every aspect of development – from concept to design to construction to facilities management. It’s not only exciting, it also makes you in-demand.

100% employment rate for domestic students.

Integrated project management training and practice.

Sustainability-focused, with applied capabilities.

The program is both strong in loading you up on the latest industry knowledge and heavily into challenge-driven, experiential, hands-on practice and learning.

Rich, hands-on classroom experiences with highly accessible faculty in an intimate environment.

Real-world connected, with hands-on training and performance acceleration workshops.

Part of a unique school of real estate and construction management, connected to a Princeton Review-rated “best in the west” business school.


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If you have any questions about the program or whether it’s a fit for you, email:
Sarabeth Morofsky

Well-Rounded Learning

Our degrees provide you with an understanding of the full life cycle of the built environment, while allowing you to specialize in the area that interests you the most.
This program is centered in the Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management – with an entire academic infrastructure focused on the field you love. But this program is also tied into the development community in Denver and around the world, and it’s part of a Princeton Review “best in the west” business school.