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Venture into the Colorado Rockies to begin to understand leadership.


Learn about and develop yourself as a leader.


Master leading teams and be an effective team member.


Create and execute strategy for any organization anywhere in the world.


Integrate everything you’ve learned to solve a company sponsored real-world problem.

Launching Your Career

The MSM program includes a partnership between Daniels Career Services and Denver companies to teach you the business critical tools that are used today to make important decisions. In addition, each student will work one-on-one with Daniels Career Services to define their own career path and go-to-market plan.

Your class schedule is fixed each quarter, giving students the opportunity to arrange part-time work or internships around their classes.


Students in the MSM program come from a wide variety of disciplines. This results in students having a diversity of interests that they wish to pursue. Students can opt for up to three electives to form a specialization (e.g. Supply Chain Management). 

“Ethical Leadership focuses on the consideration of ethics in leading self, teams and organizations. The course culminates in the development of the Ethical Leadership Plan (ELP), a personalized document that students add pieces to throughout the quarter. This plan is an impactful piece of the learning experience.”

–Dennis Wittmer, PhD, professor of management


Get hands-on experience with Denver organizations and businesses. Students will have the opportunity to consult with a business or non-profit in order to meet their problems with solutions suitable to pass the market test. For example, you may develop a market feasibility for a manufacturer, HR processes for talent retention for a service company, or a strategic growth plan for a non-profit.

You’ll graduate with a portfolio of completed projects to share with prospective employers.