Heidi Majerik just completed her Executive MBA (EMBA) program, and during her time at Daniels, she served as a true ambassador for Daniels and epitomizes what it means to be a Daniels Pioneer!  Her nominator states, “Heidi radiates energy and excitement about her Daniels EMBA experience and it’s infectious. I’m working with a prospective student who is (or rather, was) on the fence about the time and financial commitment associated with this big step. As an EMBA Ambassador, Heidi swung into action with an email, phone call and invitation to meet. She relayed stories of her days in the program, her transformative EMBA experience, and her plans for leveraging all that she’s learned in 18 short months. Heidi goes the extra mile in spreading her Pioneer spirit.”  It’s been that extra mile that has really made Heidi stand out!

Congratulations Heidi and we wish you the best as you continue your journey as a Daniels alumna!