Connect with Your Career Services Coach Pronto!

Upon graduation, you would like to be marketable, have a competitive edge over your peers and build your career network while still in school. To avoid the pain of realizing you are behind in preparing for the job market, the frustration that your résumé is not yielding results or the disappointment of not receiving a call after yet another interview–you need a plan.

You would not think about starting a business without a business plan or set out to market a new product without a marketing plan. For the same reasons you need a Career Marketing Plan to map out your path to a successful job search. To get started, make an appointment with your Daniels Career Services Coach.

Your designated Career Coach can assist you with:

  • Writing an accomplishment statement
  • Reviewing your résumé and cover letter
  • Helping you develop your networking skills
  • Showing you how to find alumni connections
  • Giving you advice in conducting company and job research
  • Conducting a mock interview with you
  • Explaining the benefits of an informational interview
  • Evaluating your career assessments
  • Explaining how to write your elevator pitch
  • Helping you negotiate an offer
  • Giving you tips on preparing for a career fair
  • Answering your career-related social media questions

These invaluable services are provided in group workshops or one-on-one meetings at no additional cost to you!

Additionally, Career Services plans Professional Career Industry Panels in varied programs and fields, giving students the opportunity to learn firsthand what it is like to work in that field, best practices and current trends, how performance is measured, what the company culture is and more. We run the Executive Mentor Program that pairs graduate business students with a senior level professional who has at least 15 years of experience.

If those are not reasons enough to visit your Career Services Center, the Employer Relations Team brings employers on campus for Meet and Greets, Company Information Sessions, Mock Interviews, Career Fairs and Employer Panels/Workshops. They also coordinate all of the on-campus interviews. There are a wealth of resources at your fingertips here on the Daniels Careers website so check out here

The Suitts Graduate & Alumni Career Center is located on the south end of the second floor of Daniels, and the Taylor Family Undergraduate Career Center is located on the east end of the first floor of Margery Reed.

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