Daniels Alum Creates App to Help Users Travel More

Beau Bergman (BSBA 2013)

What’s on your travel bucket list? A trip to Iceland to see the northern lights? Maybe an African safari? How about a long weekend in Napa, California? Wherever you want to go, Beau Bergman (BSBA 2013) and Brantley Pace want to help you get there. That’s why they co-founded Tripcents, an app designed to help users save, plan and book the trips they’ve been meaning to take.

Bergman, who studied finance at Daniels, met Pace while they both were working at StackOverflow, a software company in Denver. As colleagues, Bergman and Pace bonded over their passion for travel. Between the two of them, they’ve visited 38 countries.

“We love to travel. In fact, I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love to travel. But planning and organizing trips, especially when traveling with friends, felt time-consuming, disjointed and frustrating. We were using everything from Excel spreadsheets to apps like Venmo and Facebook Messenger to coordinate the details for just one vacation. We knew there had to be a better way,” Bergman said.

Bergman and Pace believe they’ve found the answer with Tripcents. The app, which will launch in mid-April, streamlines travel planning and booking by enabling users to build a savings fund and receive personalized trip recommendations for themselves, and their friends, based on preferences and budget.

How does it work? Users securely connect their bank accounts to the app, select a desired travel destination and include when they’d like to go, with whom they’d like to travel and how long they’d like to be gone. The app then recommends a dollar amount to be withdrawn each month so that enough money is saved to make it all happen. Tripcents also provides users with detailed and tailored flight and hotel options, which can be booked directly through the app.

“Tripcents allows you to save for trips without going into debt,” Bergman said. “We are using data science, as well as the automated savings technologies made popular by apps like Acorn and Digit, to offer you the opportunity to take the trip you’ve been putting off.”

When asked if he had any upcoming travel plans, Bergman explained that his focus, at least for now, is on the company.

“Once we are up and running, and a lot of the long days are behind us, I would like to go skiing in Japan,” Bergman said. “And I will absolutely be using Tripcents to plan for that one.”

To learn more about student and alumni entrepreneurial ventures like Tripcents, visit Daniels’ Office of Entrepreneurship website.