Jared Stone knows the struggles of many graduate students when it comes to looking for a job after graduation. Jared graduated from Daniels in early June with an International MBA. He decided to pursue an MBA a year after he graduated from undergrad and feared that his lack of work experience would become a conflict during his job search.

Jared was optimistic and actively chased opportunities he knew could potentially lead to a career. He hit gold when the Assistant Director of the Daniels Suitts Career Management Center, Patty Hickman, personally emailed him about the All Colorado Alumni Career Fair. Jared researched all the companies whose presence would be at the fair and found two companies he felt would be a perfect fit for him.

Needless to say, Jared wooed the hiring manager and director of services at the fair and after a strenuous interview process will be starting his career as a Business Analyst at CliIntel.

Jared looks back at his job searching experience and took note of the impact various Daniels networking opportunities made on helping him find this new career. After becoming involved in several Daniels networking opportunities in addition to his on-campus job as a Graduate Student Counselor, Jared believed he was ready to speak in public and feel more confident about presenting himself.

Jared’s advice for others is simply to “Always stay on it. Every opportunity is a networking opportunity.” Jared sought out chances to network and pushed himself to become more knowledgeable while helping other people. During his job search he refused to sit around and pour through online job postings, but rather took a proactive approach by being willing to meet people who could potentially connect him to his future – and it paid off.

Congrats Jared!