Leverage business information and analytics to your advantage.

The business world today is awash in data. By one estimate, mankind created 1,200 exabytes (billion billion bytes) just last year alone. This data deluge is transforming the way business gets done. Professionals who know how to gather, analyze and leverage business information will lead organizations, influence decisions and steer their companies.

Responding to the growing need for business intelligence experts, the Department of Business Information and Analytics partnered with the departments of marketing and statistics to offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in this field. Our faculty members are both dedicated teachers and widely published researchers. They are experts in bridging information systems and statistical principles and theories to practical applications. With our small class sizes, teachers often become mentors advising you on classes, internships and career direction.

First-of-its-kind degree: Working with the departments of marketing, information technology and statistics, we helped develop the first interdisciplinary master’s degree in business intelligence in the U.S.


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Undergraduate Advisors: Kellie Keeling and Amy Phillips

Graduate Advisor: Phil Beaver

Hands-on Learning: The DU Analytics Challenge