In the first half of the Executive MBA program, you and two of your classmates will align around a non-profit organization of shared interest. Using your business acumen and strategic focus, you’ll work with your non-profit partners to meaningfully advance their organizational mission. This nine-month commitment is known as the Social Good Challenge.


In the second half of the Executive MBA experience, you’ll have the opportunity to put your education to work via the Business Model Challenge. In small teams or on your own, you’ll use the nine building blocks of business to develop a new venture with in an existing organization, or, explore a new business idea culminating in a market-ready pitch for potential investors.

TOP Performers driven by curiosity Of what could be

You and your cohorts come from a wide variety of industries, cultures and educational backgrounds. The more diversity we can foster, the richer your educational experience. A formal business education is not required. We’re looking for resilient, emotionally intelligent, top performers with a curiosity for the world around them.

Why Daniels? Why Now?

of our students are actively looking for new opportunities

  • 20%

of our students wish to advance in their current organizations or industries

  • 60%

of our students are considering their own venture during their program

  • 20%

100% come to Daniels because they are on the tipping point of positive change.


Faculty. We mix it up.

The Executive MBA faculty is selected for their subject-area expertise and strategic perspective. Unlike some EMBA programs, we believe that the strongest learning outcomes come from a faculty bench comprised of traditionally trained professors (Ph.D., full-time) and practitioners who have a passion for teaching and come from the business world. The combination results in a vibrant learning environment, with a mix of perspectives.