Innovation & Design Thinking

An Executive Education Workshop

This Innovation & Design Thinking workshop is an opportunity for you to think differently and to build discipline from creativity to commercialization. Design Thinking is a creative problem-solving process that builds your ability to first see and then solve human-centered opportunities. It starts with empathically looking at frustrations inside and around your organization, then moves through a variety of brainstorming sessions to build customer-centric solutions.

Developed and delivered in partnership with Justin Jones of Somersault Innovation, this workshop will help you become an innovator and show how innovation can support real growth in organizations.

Workshop Dates:
May 2 – 3, 2017 followed by an individual session in June


“Design Thinking is the glue between all disciplines.”


Learning Outcomes
  • Expose you to the latest thinking on how innovation actually happens;
  • Be an environment where your creativity will be unleashed and then funneled into productivity – aka you’ll leave with an at least partially baked strategy/experiment/product/service;
  • Be guided by IDEO’s Design Thinking process and therefore cultivate your powers of empathy and observation, learn to tell stories, develop insights, synthesize possibilities, BRAINSTORM, make sketches and prototypes, test and test some more, and capture, organize and communicate the story that will ultimately make “the new thing” happen;
  • Provide tools and practices for maintaining your resilience as you work to turn idea into reality

Contact Kelsey Johnson with any questions.

Justin Jones

As a toddler, Justin’s favorite activity was to become hopelessly entangled in the legs of kitchen chairs. Rather than throw a tantrum, he laughed, as he somehow found this endlessly entertaining. Over the last 20 years, while he has thankfully graduated from chairs, he still has fun working with people to tackle complex issues. He brings an earnest curiosity and playfulness to the serious business of helping others be more creative in their problem solving, helping them find their way out and up. He has a knack for connecting with others in service of helping them learn design mindsets and tools that transform ‘stuck’ and ‘mediocre’ into Gratifying and Compelling.

Justin co-founded Somersault Innovation with the aspiration to help people find viable and inspiring paths forward—to achieve innovative breakthroughs in the challenges they face, whether process, sales, product or experience related. His professional journey started in marketing and sales, then shifted to leadership and organizational development, and now centers around practical design thinking applications. He holds a B.A. from Cornell College in English and French Literature, and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Communication from the University of Denver.

Sometimes the best solutions are waiting to be discovered right beneath our seats—tantrum free.

Co-Founder, Experience Curator, Somersault Innovation