The Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor focuses on action, decision-making, experimentation and hypothesis testing in the face of an uncertain future within a business context. Students who complete the Entrepreneurship Minor will understand how to shape the business, economic, political and social context along with the creation of their products or services.

You’ll learn these skills through the following courses:

  • Gateway to Business
  • Creating New Markets: The “Messy Startup”
  • Business Law for Entrepreneurs
  • Metrics and Financial Tools for an Emerging Business
  • Leadership, Management and Execution
  • Electives offered throughout the University, including Creativity & Leadership; Introduction to Game Design; and Entrepreneurship through 3D Printing

Undergraduate students from any school or college can take individual classes, or take them all to complete the Minor. Detailed info about all of the classes in the Entrepreneurship Minor available below.