Students in Greg Wagner’s “Intro to Advertising” and “Ad Creative Strategy” courses had 10 weeks to develop the creative strategy and creative materials for a new Xfinity streaming package Xfinity Instant TV Double Play.

It’s now the final week of classes and each student team is presenting to five judges from Comcast.  Lydia Peacock, a senior international studies major, and Emma Walker, a senior marketing major, make the first pitch.

“Our goal is to reach the target audience, the digital savvy generation z, who are located off campus or moving off campus,” Peacock said.

They suggest the slogan, “See it your way” to indicate that customers receive internet, but also can watch TV on any of their devices.

They suggest a media buy which would include bus stops around campus, social media advertising and a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. The judges were impressed.

“I love the creative that you did,” said Shaunese Zenon, senior marketing specialist for Comcast West Division. “I really like selling with a heart and associating with a cause.” Zenon said that Comcast already   partners with the Boys and Girls Club, but they don’t put it forefront in advertising

Four more teams presented to Comcast Nov. 14, each with a new twist that inspired the judges.

“I think that whenever we have the opportunity to partner with such an incredibly strong school where we know students are going to present their best, we always are willing to engage in any way we can,” Zenon said. “I believe it’s a very symbiotic relationship to be able to get a fresh perspective from the students and they’re able to get direct feedback from many of our Senior leadership including our Directors of Acquisition, eCommerce and Loyalty Marketing.”

“I want my students to have this ‘real world’ experience, working with a major client, on a real assignment, bringing out their creative best,” said Wagner, teaching associate professor of marketing. “It’s also an excellent networking opportunity for my students, meeting several key players at Comcast and great for their portfolios as well.”

Peacock, who is getting a minor in marketing, says advertising is her new obsession.

“This was definitely my favorite project of the course,” she said. “I loved the challenge of creating something for an actual client and was so excited to have the opportunity to pitch my ideas to them in person! It was a really good learning experience.”

Seems like the double play, was a double win for the students.

“I really enjoyed this project,” Walker said. “My biggest takeaway was to impress the client whether the client is real like Comcast or just your class. Always do your best to knock their socks off!”