Ziyao "Zaya" Cheng

Master of Science in Business Analytics
Graduate Student Ambassador

Zaya Cheng headshot


Chongqing, China

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose the MSBA program at Daniels College of Business for several compelling reasons. First, it offers a unique one-to-one capstone project, allowing us to apply our program knowledge while working with real businesses. Second, the course content closely aligns with the requirements of an analyst’s job, ensuring thorough preparation. Lastly, Daniels provides a wealth of career resources, including professional career coaches, recruiting desks and career-related events, which encourage every student to focus on their career path very early.

Previous Education

BS in Mathematics and Business Administration

Pre-Grad School Experience

I worked as a product manager assistant at China Citic Bank Chongqing Branch after graduating from CSU. Through my daily work, I realized the need for more technical skills to improve my efficiency and accuracy. I attempted self-study, but I believe a structured program will take me much further.

Post Grad School Goal

I look forward to becoming a professional analyst skilled in using data and creative intelligence to solve various real-life business problems.


In my leisure time I enjoy activities such as swimming, drawing animation, baking and playing the guitar.