Yi Fang

Master of Science in Business Analytics
Graduate Student Ambassador
Yi Fang


Zhejiang Province, China

Why did you choose Daniels?

I love Denver, its mountains, and its fall. Daniels is the best college in my heart and has a very good reputation in the U.S. Daniels offers good courses which provide me opportunities to pursue my dream to be a professional analyst after graduation.

Previous Education

BA in Literature, Jiaxing University, China

Pre-Grad School Experience

Before coming to Daniels, I worked in the world’s largest fiberglass manufactory as a salesman. During those seven years, I went to South Carolina and Cairo, Egypt, to support the company’s local sales.

Post Grad School Goal

I’m in the MSBA program in Daniels; I’m quite ambitious to be a data analyst in the future.


I’m good at calligraphy, and love hiking and skiing.