Vaneesha Boney Dutra, PhD
Daniels 566
Associate Professor
Reiman School of Finance
Vaneesha Boney Dutra

Biography at a Glance

Vaneesha Boney Dutra is an associate professor of finance at the Daniels College of Business. She actively researches financial concepts in the following areas: market timing, equity and bond mutual funds, market volatility and real estate finance. Her background includes both academic and corporate experience. Before obtaining a PhD in finance at Florida State University, Boney has worked as a mutual fund accountant for T. Rowe Price in Baltimore, Maryland, and has managed the cash reserves at a large regional bank in Maryland. Academic honors include RERI and NAREIT research grants, and she was the recipient of the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship.

Academic Professional Activities

  • “Timing the Investment Grade Securities Market: Evidence from High Quality Bond Funds” with George Comer and Lynne Kelly, Journal of Empirical Finance, Vol 16, Issue 1, Jan 2009, 55–69.
  • “International Real Estate Volatility: A Tactical Investment Strategy” with Andrew Mueller and Glenn Mueller, Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, Vol 14, Number 4, December 2008, 415–423.
  • “Behavioral Finance: Are the Disciples Profiting from the Doctrine?” with Prithviraj Banerjee and Colbrin Wright, Journal of Investing, Vol 17, Number 4, Winter 2008, 82–90.


  • PhD, Finance, Florida State University
  • MBA, Finance, Loyola College
  • BS, Finance, University of Maryland at College Park