Surabhi Palkimas

Executive MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Surabhi Palkimas


New Delhi, India

Why did you choose Daniels?

I toured multiple MBA programs, and Daniels’ in-person learning environment and alumni connections really impressed me. I also liked the variety of courses offered along with the sailing trip experience. It was important to me to find a program where there would be an opportunity to have local guest lectures and travel abroad with the cohort.

Previous education

Doctor of Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Worcester Campus
BS in Biochemical Pharmacology from SUNY at Buffalo

Pre-grad school experience

I have been a pharmacist for 16 years and have held clinical pharmacy roles in various hospitals. I have had the opportunity to establish a new clinic, servicing patients on blood thinning medications and initiating pharmacy service in the specialty of non-malignant hematology.

Post-grad school goal

I care deeply for my patients with chronic and rare illnesses. While being a front-line health care worker during the pandemic has been challenging, I have also had the opportunity to identify areas where health care organizations can make changes to improve patient experience and ensure that clinicians are practicing at the highest level of their license. I plan to pursue a formal leadership role in health care to implement strategic changes in pharmacy practice to improve patient experience and outcomes.


I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three little boys (ages 8, 7 and 2), baking, eating delicious food that my husband prepares and watching Hindi movies. I also love doing barre and yoga. I enjoy listening to self-help, leadership and nonfiction books on Audible. Fun fact: I recently got my graduate certification in integrative health medicine, and I love incorporating complementary medicine with Western medicine. I believe in prevention and mind and body connection.