Sue Keeley

Executive MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Sue Keeley


Denver, CO

Why did you choose Daniels?

Daniels’ outstanding reputation and fun and challenging curriculum really stand out in the crowd of MBA programs. The depth, breadth and diversity of the alumni network are invaluable, and the ethical responsibility at the core of the program is the common thread that unites the cohorts, staff and faculty that comprise the incredible DU community. Not to mention, the history and beauty of the campus can’t be compared.

Previous Education

Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science, Coloradoo State University

Pre-Grad School Experience

I have 19 years of professional experience in sales, new business development and revenue generation within highly competitive and evolving healthcare markets. For the past 5 years, I’ve been leading a multi-disciplinary team through results-driven strategies, understanding and translating consumer trends into profitable market expansions, business partnerships, and sales growth opportunities.

Post Grad School Goal

I’d like to become a stronger, more influential leader and take my success driving measurable outcomes and continuously exceeding performance goals to venture into a different industry or segment of the global economy.


I love doing anything that takes me outside. I’ve transferred a decade of experience as a whitewater river guide to rowing for anglers on calmer waters – most regularly, my husband of 14 years. Camping, hiking with our pup Stan, cooking (and eating!), and spending time with family and friends are what energize me, and my passion for helping others succeed inspires me and fuels my purpose.