Shyamala Kachaliya
Executive MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Shyamala Kachaliya, Executive MBA student

Hometown: Akola, Maharashtra, India

Why did you choose Daniels?
I love Denver and I work and live here. DU is the best in Denver. It’s the perfect fit and my preferred choice. I am absolutely enjoying my Executive MBA program.

Previous Education
BS in Computer Science and Engineering, Amravati University

Pre-Grad School Experience

After achieving my engineering degree, I worked for a few Fortune 500 companies as a software engineer. Since 2002, I have been a co-owner of a mortgage bank, Fortune Financial, Inc., and I am passionate about being the CFO. I love my work and strive to make a difference each day!

Post Grad School Goal: I have an ambition to scale and grow my company to the next level and to enjoy each day contributing as an executive.

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my spouse and daughter. Travelling, meditation, yoga, and cooking are my hobbies. My hobbies help me be a happy person.