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Sean-Luc Kingcade
Master of Accountancy
Graduate Student Ambassador
kingcade sean luc


Miami Beach, Florida 

Why did you choose Daniels?

 Daniels offered courses, clubs and opportunities that I hadn’t seen elsewhere. Daniels also offered me a scholarship that not only lowered the cost to attend but made me feel wanted. Plus, who doesn’t want to be in the Rocky Mountain region? 

Previous Education

 Bachelor’s in Accountancy, Florida Gulf Coast University 

Pre-Grad School Experience

 I’ve worked numerous sales jobs and become very personable thanks to them. Also, I incorporated my own side hustle. I would collect and/or purchase “junk,” like old electronics or used goods, and sell them through numerous sales channels. 

Post Grad School Goal

 To be the boss man—aka check collector. In all seriousness, I want to start and operate my own business. Not just any business, but a Fortune 500 kind of business. Maybe I will even turn into a venture capitalist once I make it onto the Forbes 500. However, in the meantime I intend to network, learn continuously and accumulate the skills necessary to run my own gig. 


 I’m a helicopter pilot (my one true passion) and I enjoy a good book whenever I have time. I love to hike, ski (drop cliffs) and spend time outdoors whenever I can. I play on the DU men’s club lacrosse team. I’m a total foodie—I love eating, critiquing food and sometimes making it if there were only more hours in the day. Also, I make mean chocolate chip cookies.