Peyton Bell

The Denver MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Peyton Bell 


 Cleveland, Ohio

Why did you choose Daniels?

 I have lived in Denver since 2016 and I knew I wanted to stay, so Daniels was my top choice for graduate school. At Daniels, there is so much opportunity for experiential learning and applying classroom lessons to real life scenarios. The challenge-based learning lets us work in teams, similar to a workplace, and solve problems in real time. This level of engagement and preparation is what attracted me to Daniels, all while creating a stronger network in Denver.  

Previous Education

 BS in International Affairs, George Washington University; One year at University of Sydney  

Pre-Grad School Experience

 Before attending Daniels, I worked in my family’s fourth generation company in the cosmetic industry. I was part of the marketing team, so I worked on new product development, brand development, agency partnerships and influencer marketing.  

Post Grad School Goal

 I have several areas of interest that I want to explore during grad school to help me decide how I would like to shape my career after graduation!  


I lived in Colorado for a bit of high school, so I love all the typical outdoor things like skiing, running and biking. I also enjoy exploring new restaurants and finding the best coffee shops to work in!