Paul Bauer, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of Business Information and Analytics, Daniels College of Business
Business Information & Analytics Advisory Board
Paul Bauer

Biography at a Glance

Paul Bauer is Professor Emeritus (euphemism for “retired”) at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, where he taught for 14 years and served as the first chairperson of the Business Information & Analytics Department. Prior to Daniels, Paul spent almost 30 years in management positions in the telecom industry with Bell Labs, Bellcore, U S WEST Advanced Technologies, 3Com, Telecommunications Research Associates and Netbeam, a startup providing wireless Internet access. Paul’s efforts have focused on turning technology inventions into business innovations of significant value shared by producers, consumers and their communities.

Paul holds a BS in Physics from Saint Louis University and a PhD in Solid State Physics from the University of Kansas. He has taken as well as taught numerous courses on managing technology for business value.