Marissa Armstrong

Master of Science in Marketing
Graduate Student Ambassador
Marissa Armstrong


Denver, Colorado

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels due to the limitless opportunities they provide me and where I want to go in my career. The curriculum not only allows me to engage with my fellow classmates and professors, but it also challenges me to grow and think differently.

Previous Education

BA in Marketing and Management, University of Kentucky

Pre-Grad School Experience

Before coming to Daniels, I was wrapping up my undergraduate degree at the University of Kentucky. I am currently attending Daniels and working full-time at RSM.

Post Grad School Goal

Daniels is not only supporting me in my education, but also providing me with the necessary skills to be able to help me advance in my career. My post-grad school goal would be to be able to move up into a more rigorous marketing position within the company I currently work for and be a contributing factor into helping that sector grow.


If I am not in school or working, I am reading on my porch, playing pickleball, trying something new with friends or enjoying a nice glass of wine.