Ludi Sandoval

Online MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador

Ludi Sandoval


I was born in California, but moved every few years my whole life since my father was in the USAF. I’ve also lived in Texas, South Carolina, Japan, Alaska and Germany.

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because of the strong emphasis on business ethics and the ability to network within the local community. Most business programs have an ethics class or two, but ethics at Daniels is engrained in the foundation and core curriculum of the program.

Previous Education

BS in Chemistry from St. Mary’s College of CA and Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in the UK.

Pre-Grad School Experience

I worked in Quality Control and Assurance in the semiconductor industry for a few years before transitioning to the brewing industry where I still work. I’ve worked in several roles in quality and operations in the brewing industry.

Post Grad School Goal

My goal post-grad school is to transition into a new leadership role where I can use both my quality and business backgrounds.


I enjoy serving on the board of Colorado Dragon Boat to promote AAPI culture, soil and hydroponic gardening, discovering new breweries, and traveling.