Liz Hsu

Master of Science in Business Analytics
Graduate Student Ambassador
Liz Hsu


Taipei, Taiwan

Why did you choose Daniels?

I appreciate how well the courses are constructed considering everyone has a different background when they start their journey in data analytics. The courses started with basic data analytics knowledge but was fast-paced at the same time. Every topic is related to genuine business problems and the assignments guide us through the decision-making process. It really brings out our potential without making us feel overwhelmed. Daniels also provides many networking opportunities for us to connect with business leaders. Small-sized cohort-based classes offer more learning opportunities to engage with professors and classmates.

Previous Education

BS in Economics. Undergraduate exchange program in International Economics and Business, Munich Business School.

Pre-Grad School Experience

As an undergraduate, I was an intern working with a product development team in the e-commerce industry. After school, I started working as a technical project manager at FinTech industry. I enjoy learning the processes of product development and I have a passion for creating products that make everyone’s life easier.

Post Grad School Goal

Post- graduate school, I hope to apply the skills I learned throughout the program combined with my personal experience to contribute to the product development community. Whether a business analyst or product manager, I believe I will provide excellent value to the companies I work with.


I enjoy spending my time traveling, hiking and camping with friends. As a person who enjoys the outdoors, I also enjoy exploring Denver’s unique activities.