Kelsey Berlinberg
MS Business Analytics Candidate
Graduate Student Ambassador
Kelsey Berlinberg

Why Daniels?

I was drawn to the small class sizes and the location of the College. I identify with the core values promoting ethical business practices, and these values are well-practiced by every professor at Daniels. The Business Analytics program gave me the flexibility to work full-time during the day, and take classes at night to earn my graduate degree. Even as a part time student, I feel that every professor is willing to invest in my education and my future.

Undergraduate Institution & Degree

University of Colorado, Boulder. Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs and Psychology, with a Minor in Business


Littleton, CO


Photography, dance, tennis, reading, traveling and cooking.

Bucket List Item

Visit every continent in the world, and learn another language.

Fun Fact

Neil Degrasse Tyson almost stabbed me with a dinner knife.

Post Grad School Goal

I would like to work for a company where I can live abroad and work in analytics. I would like to somehow tie in my undergraduate International Affairs degree into my career post-graduation.