Josh Dudenhoefer

Denver MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Josh Dudenhoefer


Sterling, Virginia

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because it offers a wide range of concentrations and electives which allows me to tailor my education. I also wanted to be in the Front Range to be close to jobs in the outdoor industry.

Previous Education

BPS in Culinary Arts Management, The Culinary Institute of America

Pre-Grad School Experience

I am a classically trained chef and have worked in a variety of establishments. I then explored options to move beyond kitchens and began working as the general manager for a local food delivery startup where I oversaw all day-to-day operations. After a few years there, I left to start my own consulting company where I helped small food businesses manage food and labor costs and develop plans to manage growth.

Post Grad School Goal

I want to combine my experience leading teams and my passion for sustainability with the skills and experience gained at Daniels to become an executive in the outdoor industry.


Traveling, hiking, cooking, snowboarding, and listening to music