Holden Roumay

The Denver MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Holden Roumay


Boca Raton, Florida 

Why did you choose Daniels?

 Since moving to Colorado, I knew I didn’t want to leave. After researching the MBA programs in Colorado, I felt that between the small class size, challenge-based curriculum and network of alumni within the Denver area, Daniels was the best fit for me. Since being in the program I already know I made the right decision. The atmosphere that’s being perpetuated within this program via my classmates, teachers, faculty and experiences thus far is truly like nothing I have encountered in education. I’m looking forward to the lasting impact of not only the curriculum, but the amazing group of individuals I find myself surrounded by daily.  

Previous Education

BA in Criminal Justice, University of Central Florida 

Pre-Grad School Experience

Prior to coming to Daniels, I was the marketing manager for a small chain of retail stores. It was a small business, so I usually found myself offering help in various aspects of the company which helped build my overall business acumen.    

Post Grad School Goal

 I am still finding myself being molded within this program, but ultimately my goal is to find a job that I love for a company I respect, rather than go through the motions in a job just for the paycheck. Product development and marketing for a multinational company is something I’m interested in; however, I am trusting the process and allowing my mindset to be open to new opportunities.  


 I used to be a decent soccer player and though I still play when I can, since moving to Colorado, I’ve really taken to the innate love for the outdoors that tends to come with the territory. Expanding my hobbies into snowboarding, hiking and camping has allowed me to get the full Colorado experience.