Graham Silver
Part-time Professional MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador
Graham Silver

Why Daniels?

I had been working in Denver for about five years when I came to realize the impact that an MBA would have on my career. Coming from a huge university setting for my undergrad, I wanted to change my approach with an MBA and choose an elite school with a well-connected community of students and alumni. DU met all of my criteria and had a program well-suited for students in my career position.

Undergraduate Institution & Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design (Minor in Business), University of Colorado Boulder


Centennial, Colorado

Pre-Grad School Experience

I began my career in Boulder before making the move to Denver. I’ve been with a real estate company for about five years doing research and consulting work that takes me all over the country. Since moving to Denver, I also started a food truck business with some friends and have managed rental properties in the mountains.

Post Grad School Goal

I approached the PMBA program with the goals of becoming an effective leader and meeting as many interesting people as I could. By building connections with like-minded people and big thinkers at DU, I hope to gain exposure to exciting opportunities or develop my own business ventures. By the time I finish the program, I hope to use my skills and connections to make a major impact in an industry that really excites me.


I try to spend most of my free time in the mountains chasing trout with a fly rod, trekking deep into the backcountry or getting in some nice turns on my skis. I’ve been fascinated with scuba diving for the last few years and find that it’s a great excuse to get out and travel.