Eric Lane
Joy Burns 216A
Senior Director of Operations
Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management
Eric Lane

Biography at a Glance

Eric Lane is responsible for overseeing and managing the conference and event center that is at the core of the Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management facility and program, ensuring its ongoing fiscal success, providing support to the academic aspects of the program, integrating components of the curriculum into the operation, overseeing the facility and ensuring that guests are consistently provided quality experiences. Lane also teaches five classes per academic year.


  • MHM, University of Houston
  • BA, University of Houston

Courses Taught

HRTM 1100 Exploring the World of Hospitality, HRTM 1300 Managing the Restaurant Operation, HRTM 1504 Hospitality Information Systems and Technology, HRTM 3700 Special Topics, Wine Festival Class.


  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Sports car
  • Technology
  • Outdoor activities

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