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Eric Jones
General Manager, JW Water Holdings
Alumni Advisory Board
Eric Jones

Biography at a Glance

Eric graduated from the Executive MBA program at DU in 2013.

Eric serves as General Manager for JW Water Holdings.  JW Water is a small holding company that specializes in acquiring small water utilities and optimizing their financial and operational performance.  Eric’s favorite part of his role is when he gets to analyze potential acquisitions and then engage in the negotiations as no two companies (or owners) are the same.  On a routine basis, he strives to keep the daily finances and operations running in a way so that nobody notices (no one ever calls to say thank you for supplying that life-sustaining liquid!).

Previously, Eric has been involved in launching a startup in which he was involved in obtaining a utility patent from the US Patent Office, successfully raising capital in excess of $1 million, recruiting other co-founders & team-members, and countless other tasks that launching a startup entails.

Another fun fact is that Eric spent about ten years as a firefighter & paramedic in the Denver area.  He considers it a blessing to have been part of delivering three or four babies during that time (it’s much better to escort people into the world than out of it).  While all of the deliveries were successful and without incident, none of the newborn children were named after Eric, despite his best efforts.

In his spare time, Eric loves nothing more than spending time with his family, mountain biking, reading, and traveling.